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Mutnt Gear QD Sling Swivel Mount Adapter

Discounts available for Guides, Military, and First Responders.


  • Fits Most QD Swivels, Test compatibility before use with expensive/heavy items. We're not liable for damages due to failure to test. Use responsibly.
  • Upgrade Your Traditional Gear - If you own a semi-auto rifle or bolt action weapon with traditional swivel studs, this product lets you upgrade them to modern equipment, enhancing your firearm's functionality and convenience.
  • Ideal for Older Models - Got an old shotgun or survival rifle that's tough to carry? With our product, you can quickly mount a sling once these are installed, making transportation and handling significantly easier.
  • Enhance Your Bow Experience - Do you find carrying your crossbow or vertical bow awkward? Please upgrade to a more straightforward carrying method with our product, designed to streamline your archery experience.
  • Perfect for Cameras & Electronics - This QD mount is not only for slings and weapons. It's also perfect for cameras and electronics with a 1/4-20 screw. Enhance your photography or videography experience by providing an easy way to carry and maneuver your devices. This feature opens up a world of possibilities for content creators and tech enthusiasts alike.