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Binocular Tripod XL Adapter ARCA Plate

Discounts available for Guides, Military, and First Responders.


  • Versatile Compatibility - The Universal ARCA-Swiss plate boasts universal compatibility, fitting any 1.5-inch attachment seamlessly. Whether using it with binoculars, cameras, or spotting scopes, the plate's adaptability makes it an essential tool for every photographer and nature observer.
  • Robust & Durable Construction - Crafted from hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum with a chrome-plated carbon steel screw, this plate promises unparalleled durability and resistance to wear and tear. Including a hex head and flat screwdriver drive ensures easy installation and adjustments, enhancing its long-lasting nature.
  • Enhanced Safety Features - Say goodbye to the worries of accidental slide-offs with the anti-fall screws positioned at either end of the plate. This thoughtful design ensures the secure attachment of your valuable viewing equipment, giving you peace of mind during your observation or photography sessions.
  • Optimized for Balance and Reach - Choose the Extra Large plate for extended reach and balanced support when spotting scopes and large lenses. Its thoughtful design facilitates a steady and reliable base, crucial for capturing those perfect shots or enjoying stable views.
  • Quick Equipment Change for Seamless Viewing - The availability of extra plates allows for a swift and hassle-free change between different viewing equipment. Whether switching from binoculars to cameras or spotting scopes, the transition is smooth, saving you precious time and elevating your viewing experience.